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The Rawnaissance name was inspired by two words. Raw and Renaissance. The idea behind the merger of these two is simple, yet powerful. definition of Renaissance. Rennaisance means a rebirth or a revival. From Latin renasci “be born again, rise again, reappear, be renewed,” from re- “again” + nasci “be born”. Rennaissance era in our history could be defined as a period of time when there was a new interest in something that has not been popular in a very long time, in this case art, science and literature. It could be loosely explained as “back to basics” or “back to good old”. Raw food was on our original food supply list long time before we started killing other living beings to feed ourselves or using fire that kills nutrients in otherwise rich foods. Unfortunately, the more human race evolutionize, advances  and comes up with new ideas how to process food to make it more accessible and cheaper, the more we all get sick.


Rawnaissance Desserts is striving to deliver a guilt free pleasure to your taste buds. We want to show you, that delicious and beautiful sweets and treats do not have to be laden with processed sugars, dairy and eggs, gluten, corn and soy, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors or any ingredient that does not belong there.


Mother Nature created abundance of high frequency foods with amazingly diverse essences, all the colors of the rainbow and distinct variety of textures. These foods are there for us not only to indulge in their exquisite flavors, but also offering a wide range of essential nutrients our bodies need for their everyday function.


It may not yet be very well known fact among people, but these nutrients are almost intact if consumed in their natural, most basic raw/ living form. Try to cook them, roast them, bake them, sear them, sauté them and you will end up losing many if not all of them. Another benefit of only using natural, plant derived ingredients is the fact that we are not hurting, abusing or killing any living beings in order to fill our stomachs or satisfy our cravings.  Choosing plant based or raw vegan diet free of allergens or processed ingredients for health reasons might be another angle, why some people opt for raw organic vegan cuisine. We could talk about benefits of this lifestyle/ diet from wide range of different perspectives and spend hours debating all the other assets that it brings to the table.


Rawnaissance’s goal is to take all of those yummy ingredients, add lots of love, good energy, and artistic touch and end up with product that is healthy, uniquely visually appealing, cruelty free, truly enjoyable and still satisfies our cravings. We love how people react the first time they try one of our raw chocolate truffles or piece of raw cake. They love it! If we don’t tell them, most people are not even able to tell the difference or say that what they just ate was a “healthy dessert”. That is exactly what we want. We want you to enjoy every bite without feeling guilty about it. If veganism, raw food diet, Paleo diet or allergen friendly approach is what you chose or whaat you are considering trying, we want to cater to your wants and needs the best we can. We want you to enjoy the full potential of Mother Nature’s gifts and have the best possible experience doing it. We don’t want you to feel like you are missing out on something. We certainly do not want you to feel bullied or excluded by our society because of this choice.


We would like you to join Rawnaissance on our way to achieve these goals. The ultimate target is raising awareness among people around the world in respect to this matter. We would like to see people making smart choices and informed decisions regarding the food they eat. Because we literally are, what we eat. We want to see more and more people freely, deliberately and voluntarily choosing the cruelty free path.


We understand that we all carry a burden of habits, customs, routines, patterns, addictions and cultural stigmas in relation to what we eat. Almost all of us have been fed the conventional way for some time of our life. It is easier to change these ways for some than it is for others. Rawnaissance is offering sweet and tasty way to make a transition to your new healthier you

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